Precision Screw Machine Products

Head Manuacturing Inc. services customers in a broad array of industries with a range of specialized precision screw machine product needs including:

  • Automotive screw machine parts
  • Brass plumbing fittings
  • Lawn and garden screw machine parts
  • Brass hydraulic fittings
  • Brass pneumatic and pressure washing fittings
  • Prototype screw machine parts

The following are just a few of the machines we use to produce the precision parts required by our customers.

Precision Screw Machine Products

Wire EDM Machine

Our engineers design and make our form, shave, and trepan tools using our precision wire machine.   Due to the fact we produce these tools in-house, we are able to reduce our lead time and provide our customers their product quickly and efficiently.

Prototype Screw Machine Parts


C.N.C. allows us to make prototype screw machine parts, so our customers can field test their new designs before committing to any order (at an additional charge). C.N.C. also allows us to run small quantity orders without all the tooling up of a screw machine. Therefore we will remain competitive even with short run work.

Complete Tool Room

At Head Manufacturing Inc. our production machines use tools that are made in our own toolroom by experienced toolmakers. This gives you the best advantage "Short Lead Time". We have the capability of tooling up a job without having to rely on outside resources for custom tooling. This also allows us, in emergency situations (at an additional cost), to tool up and get production of a part within a few days. Flexibility is another plus. If the part design changes midstream, it is usually not a problem to change (some engineering charges may apply).